The Yellow Club at GBCE

We often get calls wanting more info about what exactly a Yellow Club is.  How does it work and how much is in the bag (lots!).  So this year we’re doing something different….

Why not book a Yellow Club Class?

You will get a full Yellow Club bag (and that is lots and lots of stuff including a free stamp!)  The bag is literally bulging.  And you will get to make a start on the 12 plus projects inside.  A great way to try it out.

We are also having a Yellow Bling Bag (jewellery) and Yellow Scrapbooking classes.   Same concept – get the full bag and get started in the class.  This may be biased but these may be some of the best value kits at GBCE.


Scrapbook Yellow Club – Sunday 11.00 – 12.00 ( 24 euro)

Yellow Club Bling Bag (xmas party edition) – Saturday 12.30 – 13.30 (22 euro)

Christmas Yellow Club Masterclass – Friday 16.30 – 18.15 (30 euro)

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