Prebooking opens tomorrow.  You can prebook by calling the shop on 091-504692 and pay by credit card – or email me at and I will send you a paypal request for your prebookers fee of 50 Euro.  If working on email, please give your name, your paypal email address and a contact number for us.  If you are booking for more than one person, – include both names.  I will confirm each email I recieve.

How Prebooking works:

You are basically paying a deposit on your classes – there is no extra cost – and any classes you book will be taken out of the 50 Euro until it is all used up.  By prebooking you are ensuring that you get the classes you want.  You will have first pic of all the classes and will receive the class list – hopefully on Saturday – but worst case on Sunday.  The Class list and timetable will be made public by Wednesday next week when we will open for general bookings.

We are charging a little entry fee this year of 5 Euro.  This will cover at least 1 make & take as well as all the demonstrations, and will also include one raffle ticket.  Costs have gone up all over (least of all the post!!) and I am anxious not to increase the cost of classes.  As a pre-booker – your entry fee will be waived.

I know the next question is what happens if you are coming for 2 or 3 days – do you pay 5Euro per day.  As a pre-booker you have entry on all the days free.  If you are booking as a general booker – or simply arriving over the weekend, you pay 5 Euro for the first day, and 2,50 per day after that.  You will get new raffle tickets every day and new make & takes.

I am beyond excited – it is all coming together so well – and there is so much going down – just might need a lie down – lol.

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