So excited about the shopping this year.  I keep on thinking I have all the shops confirmed and then more arrive!!!  Again this year we will have shops around the perimeter of the hall will have  full size shops as well as  stalls.  The stalls will change on a daily basis, see below.  Then in the centre will be all the make & take and demo tables.  Each shop will have a demo table as well as a number of talented Irish demonstrators throughout the show.  You will be able to sit down and join in.

Note: Not all shops will
be open on all days!
• Siopa Buí - Spiddal (All)
• JM Crafts - Tullamore (All)
• Create with Kate (All)
• BK Craft Supplies - Waterford (All)
• Payperbox (All)
• Waltzing Mouse Stamps (Sat & Sun)
• Beadtime (All)
• Nanny Maggie's Creations
• Crafty Cutting (Friday and Saturday)
• Crafty Queens Not a shop - but she will be there!
• Missy Bonkers (Sat & Sun)
• Crafting Ireland (Sat & Sun)
• Angela’s Stashes (Fimo) (Sat&Sun)
• Busy Beadz Jewellery (All)
There are more coming - this is just what is in my head now!!


JM Crafts are back again, by popular demand.  Stockists of DoCrafts and more.

 Payper Box – The best selection of Pick ‘n Mix paper and card.  They always deliver on special papers for the show.

Just off the phone from Jon (owner and founder of Payper Box), this was after having my ear bashed on the 45 minute drive to school by my son David who works for Jon at the show.  ‘Tell Jon, I want the double sized boxes – lots of them’  ‘ Tell Jon lots of pearlescent, my customers like it’ ‘Ask Jon if I can sell the templates and cds please’ ‘ My customers like his tape and pokey tools’

And, he only started this job last year!

Well I called Jon and he is happy enough to meet David’s requests.  The pallet is being packed and sent direct to the hotel to be there Thursday night.  These is a limit on the extra sized Payperboxes (the 20Euro ones that take lots and lots of Payper).

Hope he makes his target this year.

Cathy Walsh’s Mayo Papercraft Club with all her fantastic cardmaking and scrapbooking supplies.

BK Crafts

Beadtime for all your jewellery making supplies